English speaking Engagement Photographer Normandy and beyond.

Discover Sabina Cowdery, professional photographer, creating memories with beautiful photos since 2008.


Are you looking for an English speaking Engagement Photographer Normandy or further afield in France for a fun and relaxed photo-shoot? Or maybe you’re looking for a photographer to capture that once in a lifetime moment when you propose to your loved one ?

I love helping capture memories for couples beginning their lives together and I can discreetly help you execute the perfect proposal plan and capture the big moment whilst here in Normandy or anywhere in France.

Having your proposal secretly photographed is one of the sweetest and most thoughtful surprises to consider when planning to pop the question.

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Surprise marriage proposal photographer - Mont St Michel
Surprise proposal at the famous Mont St Michel

English speaking Engagement Photographer Normandy

Sabina Cowdery – Anibas Photography


Shoots are on location, wherever you choose. French chateau gardens, beaches, parks and forests are popular and pretty locations. If you’re not sure I can help guide you as to a good spot that has a nice variety of backgrounds and I always advise choosing to make the most of the soft light late in the day is an ideal way to create beautiful images you can treasure.


Most of my engagement and proposal photography is here in Normandy, France such as capturing surprise marriage proposals at the Mont St Michel or in beautiful French château gardens and beach shoots along the Manche coastline. Should you be further afield either on vacation or living here in France feel to get in touch too. I’m happy to travel to help create and provide beautifal images you and your families can treasure.

What’s included in an engagement or proposal photoshoot here in Normandy, France ?


  • Planning and organisation of time and location (all done discreetly if it’s for a surprise)
  • A relaxed one and a half hour photo session:
  • Retouching of all the best images.
  • The photo-shoot will have its own photo gallery with private access with a sufficient choice of visuals.
  • Your choice of 20 digital files, from a selection in the gallery.
  • Digital images provided by download from my website or sent by wetransfer.com. Two versions of each chosen image will be provided…
  • Printable Image Files – Large, high-resolution files, intended for printing (marked “HD” in the file name).
  • Internet Image Files – Lightweight, low resolution files prepared for online use (website/social media).
  • Travel time and expenses included.


Creative fee : from €400.00*

*Please note that the fee is described as FROM 400,00€ to take into account any travel costs, depending on the location you choose for your photo-shoot.


Optional extra : If you would like all the images in the gallery, you can buy them for an extra 150 €. There are often 150-250 images in total. This optional extra can be decided after the event, when you see the images.

Would you like more details to help with planning your Mont-St-Michel Surprise Proposal ?

You can jump right in and discover tips about visiting the Island, its proposal spot locations, the Normandy weather, tides and the ideal times of day for your proposal in my page about ‘Planning your Surprise Proposal at the Mont-St-Michel’

Mont St Michel Photographer - Wonderful evening photo-shoots

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I need an English speaking photographer for my surprise proposal or engagement photography in France. Do you speak English ?

Yes, absolutely! I’m actually British and I’ve been living in Normandy, France since 2004 and I’ve been an artisan photographer since 2008. I’m fully bilingual so can also speak French and can converse fluently.

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