Planning a Surprise Proposal at the Mont St Michel ?

Here’s help from professional engagement and proposal photographer Sabina Cowdery of Anibas Photography.


You’re organising a trip to France and you’ve had the idea of planning a surprise proposal at the Mont-st-Michel? You’d love to have that magical moment captured with beautiful photographs? You’ve never been to the Mont-St-Michel and you don’t know where to start or how to make it happen?


Don’t worry…let me help. In the last few years I’ve helped many couples have an unforgettable proposal and engagement photo-shoot and I’ve promptly provided a beautiful set of photos for them to announce their engagement.


I appreciate that it must be hard to try and organise your once-in-a-lifetime proposal at a location you’ve never visited before. That’s what I’m here, not only to capture the images for you that you can treasure for a lifetime but also let me offer you some tips and guidance as I know the location well to allow you to plan your perfect proposal.

Capturing your Perfect Proposal at the Mont St Michel - Bridge Proposal Spot
Engagement Photographer Normandy France - Mont St Michel Marshlands Proposal
Proposal Photographer - Mont St Michel Marshlands Proposal Spot

The time of day.

This obviously depends on your travel plans and whether you’re staying at the Mont overnight, or at a nearby location. First and foremost, we fit the proposal time around your needs.


For me as a photographer, I would choose a proposal time that is an hour and a half before sunset. If it’s a sunny day this gives us the soft, warm and flattering light that is ideal for not only the proposal moment but also for the photo-shoot around the Mont afterwards.


Depending on the time of year this could be at around 8:30pm in summer to around 4:30pm in Winter. Speaking of winter, as sunrise is much later, then a ‘sunrise’ photo-shoot isn’t too early as it can be around 9am.


If you’re travelling in summer, if at all possible it’s better to avoid 11am – 4pm as there are many, many visitors to the island. But rest assured that even if that’s the only time that’s available to you, I’ll take you to quieter places around the island away from the crowds to enjoy your moment

The Proposal Spot

Choosing the spot that works best for you.

There are THREE locations that work well for proposal locations at the Mont-St-Michel, allowing me to capture the Mont in the background, without other visitors in view. Each have a different look and each have their own pros and cons. Let me show you each of them and then I’ll add plus and minus points to help you work out which would work best for you.

The BRIDGE Proposal Spot

At the Mont St Michel

BRIDGE Proposal Spot

Pros and Cons


  • Easiest to explain to your partner as it’s just near where the shuttle buses arrive at the Mont.
  • Closest to the island so as soon as you’ve enjoyed your proposal moment it’s straight onto the island for your engagement photo-shoot



  • It can be busier than the other two locations, but be assured you’ll only be focussing on your magical moment and will forget that there’s anyone else there.

“There aren’t many negatives really. It’s the most popular choice for proposers and my favourite too, but the choice is entirely up to you. This is YOUR moment.”

The MARSHLANDS Proposal Spot

At the Mont St Michel

MARSHLANDS Proposal Spot

Pros and Cons


  • It’s away from anyone apart from the odd few people walking
  • It’s green and sometimes has the pré-salé sheep which can look great.



  • It’s the furthest away from the island, taking about 10/15 minutes to walk from the ‘dam’ bus stop
  • If the weather has been rainy or there have been high tides over the marshlands recently it can be muddy or damp
  • It is a marshland field that has sheep.
  • You have green grass before the Mont so it doesn’t look like an island.
  • It’s probably the hardest one to explain to your partner…as to why you want to go for a walk in a field, rather than heading to the island.

The DAM Proposal Spot

At the Mont St Michel

DAM Proposal Spot

Pros and Cons


  • It’s easier to get to than the Marshlands and might have fewer people than the bridge spot.
  • It’s got a wooden walkway so easier to walk than the marshlands.
  • It’s easier to explain to your partner than the marshlands as it’s a known viewpoint for photos.



  • The Mont is smaller in the background
  • It’s further away than the bridge and we’d then catch the shuttle bus to the Mont for the engagement shoot around the island.

Already enthusiastic and want to get planning ?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your ideas and dates.

If you’d like to know more about the tides, the weather and the time of day for your surprise proposal at the Mont-St-Michel keep on reading below…

The tides at the Mont St Michel

You’ve read that the Mont-St-Michel becomes an island at high tide. So how would that affect your proposal and photo-shoot ? Actually, the Mont only becomes completely cut off during the the very high ‘Spring’ tides which only happens on about 12-15 days a year and even then the island is only ‘cut off’ for a couple of hours at high tide. Even then it’s not even knee deep at the entrance to the Mont, I’ve walked through it one time at the end of a shoot.


My point is, don’t worry about the tides. Most of the time the tides won’t affect your proposal at all and I’ll always check when we’re at the planning stage.

The weather at the Mont St Michel

The weather can play a larger part in the organisation of your photo-shoot than anything else. If you haven’ travelled to Normandy before, it in north-western France and doesn’t have the more Mediterranean good weather and sunshine of the south of France. It’s lovely to have a beautiful sunset during the summer months but it isn’t always guaranteed.


Normandy can be overcast and it does rain. What I offer to do is for the day of your photo-shoot I keep the whole day free and we can regularly (discreetly) communicate and adjust the time of the proposal moment if rain is forecast.


Don’t be disappointed if it’s overcast though. From a photography point of view, cloudy weather offers, soft flattering light and can be easier for those with sensitive eyes.

All types of weather can be expected when planning a surprise proposal at the Mont-Saint-Michel.


That’s part of what makes every proposal unique. The weather, the light, the time of day and most importantly…YOU! No two proposals are the same because you are unique. Your reactions, your emotions, your love for each other.


My heart beats fast and I get emotional as each proposal happens as I imagine the nervous anticipation of the person proposing and then shock and excitement of the person receiving the proposal. There’s nothing better than my job in that moment knowing I’m capturing a magical moment in a couple’s life. I’m so lucky to help plan surprise proposals at the Mont St Michel.


Have a flick through these images to see just a small variety of different weather scenarios…

Planning a Surprise Proposal at the Mont St Michel ?

Other information about planning a Surprise Proposal at the Mont St Michel.


If arriving just before the proposal :


If coming via car, you’ll park in the official car parks. The fee for the car park, (that you’ll pay on exit) is in essence your entry fee to the island. The only other fee to pay is if you’d like to visit the Abbey at the top of the island (before or after the photo-shoot.


From the car park you’ll walk to the free shuttle bus stop to catch a shuttle all the way to the island for a ‘Bridge’ proposal.


For a ‘Dam’ or ‘Marshlands’ proposal you’ get off at the second bus stop (near the ‘Le Relais’ hotel and restaurant.


There can be a queue to catch the shuttle bus so you might not catch the first one. It often takes 15-30 minutes to get from the car park to the Island, so allow for that in your planning time before the proposal moment.


“For whichever proposal spot you choose I’d send you an annotated google map image and more information as to exactly where I’d be, what I’d be wearing and how we discreetly manage the proposal moment so that I can capture all the emotions in wonderful images that you can share with family and friends and that you can treasure forever.”

Would you like to check out what clients have said about their surprise proposal photo-shoots at the Mont-St-Michel?


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Engagement Photographer Bridge Proposal Spot at the Mont St Michel

Tips to explain your plans to your loved one so they don't realise that you're planning a surprise proposal whilst you're at the Mont-St-Michel.


  • If you think they'd prefer their proposal and its photo-shoot all dressed up with nice outfits... tell them you've booked a smart restaurant for a nice meal.


  • For the Marshlands proposal spot...tell them you've heard about the famous pré-salé sheep that eat the marshlands grass around the Mont St Michel. the fields are enclosed part are part of a public pathway and you're free to enter and walk around the area to experience being near the sheep.


  • If you choose the 'Dam' proposal spot... tell them that it's good to get off the shuttle bus and take photos there first as it's a quieter place with a great view.


  • If you've chosen the 'Bridge' proposal spot... as you get off the shuttle bus walk AWAY from the island (towards me) suggesting to get away from other visitors getting off the bus, to take a few selfies away from the crowds.


  • Try and bring only what you need. If you're travelling by car, try and leave bags, drinks bottles or sunglasses in the car... travel light.

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