Product Photographer – Normandy, France

Discover the product photography of Sabina Cowdery, English-speaking photographer based in Normandy, France.


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Product Photography is photography used for website listings, catalogs, and social media platforms, to increase sales and appeal of various products and services of a business. It makes the product images more appealing and attracts the eyeballs of numerous potential customers.


“Your products and packaging should be a work of art, capturing the essence of your brand and drawing customers in with its allure.”

Product Photography is an art form that requires attention to detail, lighting, and composition to make your products shine.

Studio based product Photography

Lightbox and lifestyle photography for products and packaging – Normandy France

On-site and On-Location Product Photography

Product photography for advertising and e-commerce – Normandy and France


As well as being able to offer studio-based product photography, Sabina Cowdery of Anibas Photography offers on-location product Photography.

As an example for the following images of a prototype product for the Dungeons and Dragons gaming industry and the client’s brief was to find locations that suited a ‘mediaval’ theme and places with strong contrast and bold themes. Two locations were used to capture these product images, a local historical monument, an Abbey (for which all relevant French authorisations were acquired for a commercial shoot) and a beach location with interesting geology and strong rocks and cliffs.

These images and video that Sabina Cowdery also shot for the project were used to launch the project in the United States of America.

On location Product Photographer - Anibas Photography - Normandie - France

On-site and On-Location Product Photography

Product photography for e-commerce and advertising – Normandy and France

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